AugmenTATS (2015)

AugmenTATS (2015) was an augmented reality interactive installation made for #NOWSEETHIS at the Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh on May 9th, 2015. A custom iPad application and green screen setup next to a large monitor invited event guests to adorn themselves in temporary tattoos of their choosing and step infront of the camera. The camera in the iPad application used the temporary tattoos as image targets, and generated digital animated tattoos that were overlaid on the body and displayed on the adjacent screen. Feed of the live video portraits was displayed in real time on the monitor, and augmented stills were available online to the guests after the event. 

The concept and execution of this event was a collaboration with Kevin Brophy, Kevin Ramser, and Danni Zhang, with additional assistance from, and many thanks to Larry Shea and Lauren Goshinski.